Odd Socks FAQs


There has been an update to the game 7 March 2018

Issues arising from the update

iOS download can get stuck in a loop asking you to install the update from the store.  If you play via Facebook you can solve this by deleting the old app from your device before installing the update.  Playing via Facebook backs up your game.  If you do not play via Facebook then you should contact us and we will help you.

Doesn't work on Internet Explorer or Windows XP these are no longer supported by Microsoft or Unity. It may work on Vista but this is also not supported by either. Gameroom Version may work for you

Can't see friends list.  You may need to restart the app.

Please make sure your browser is up to date, for example Chrome 53. is the minimum this will work on. We are currently on 64. We have had users come in in the 40s and a browser update has fixed their issue

Web GL Message - Turn your browser Hardware Acceleration on

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