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  • How to Play Critters


    Collect families of Critters to progress to the next level.  The current level progress, and pairs needed for it are shown in this panel.

     If you want to see all your families collected for all levels click on the panel.

    Each time you make a family you get 50 Air Miles.


    You can also make pairs of Critters to make Air Miles (10 per pair) 

    Air Miles

    Your Air Miles total can be seen here.  This can be used to send Critters off to Critter Island in the private jet.


    Jokers appear randomly in crates.  They can be used to complete a family if you only have 3 Critters of the same family.  They can not be used to complete pairs.

    Level Up

    Each time you level up you will unlock an additional crate until you have all 10 unlocked


    You can move Critters to your pen which you can't match into pairs or families.  You can have a maximum of 4 in the pen.  You can not take Critters back from the pen - but your Facebook friends can see your pen and take Critters to help them.

    If the pen is full you can empty it by sending the 4 Critters off in a private jet to Critter Island.  This will cost 250 Air Miles.

    Teleporter Out

    You can gift Critters you don't need to Mindy and your Facebook friends.  Once they use their gift Critter you can send them another. Select a critter and drag it to the Teleporter.  Select a friend with an empty crate from the list.


    If your pen is full of 4 Critters. You can send them off for a holiday on Critter Island for 250 Air Miles.  


    In addition to 50 Air Miles you get for a family you can get an additional 5 Air Miles if you use a critter you have taken from a friend's pen.



    You will be notified if you have earned an achievement with a number in the red circle on the menu button.  

    Click on the menu button and then on the Achievements button from within


    You will see your Achievements in the list.  Be sure to click on the Claim Prize button and you will have your prizes added.

    You can scroll through the list to see other achievements to work towards.

    Critter Island

    Critters who go off to Critter Island have a luxurious holiday before dropping back in your crates some time in the future