Oak Games

You can join a team, or create a team, from the Sock Teams menu (click Menu, then Sock Teams).

Team members automatically appear in each others friends lists, whether or not they are Facebook friends. They are shown on a brighter yellow background than other players.

You can raid team mates' bins and send/receive gifts, just like with Facebook friends.

Leaderboards are coming soon, to show who is contributing most to the team, and which teams are performing the best!


To leave a team, click the "Leave Team" button. If you are the owner of the team then you cannot leave while other members are still in the team.

In this case you can either:
1. Make someone else the owner by clicking "Team Members", choose a member to promote and click "More", and click the "Make Owner" button.
2. Evict each member one by one by clicking "More" and "Evict" for each person.

We recommend option 1 if the team is active.

If the owner leaves the team, then the team will be deleted.

Facebook friends and team members will currently both appear in the friends list. Team members are highlighted in bright yellow.
In future updates Facebook friends may disappear or be limited as Facebook are restricting the use of friends within games.

Each team may only contain players from one round. In order to progress to the next round you will be asked to leave your team. You may join a new team after progressing to the next round.
If you own your team, you can pass ownership to someone else as described above.