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How do I move onto round 2, 3 and 4? 8698
What is ‘Open Play’? 7380
How can I play for longer? 6947
Where is the Sock monster? 5293
Still stuck? 5313
Why isn’t my game going past the loading page? 26724
I have been locked out from logging into Facebook in my iPhone settings. 6277
I have purchased sock cash but not been credited. 2377
New friends haven’t been added to my friends list. 2602
Looking for more friends. 3625
The bonus coin link doesn't work 2649
How do I remove inactive players? 3043
I have been put back down to level 'x' 2861
Is it possible to restart the game over? 4607
Unable to send friends gift socks. 3593
Do I need to complete all the achievements to move rounds? 2487
Where is the Fairy Sock Mother? 2299
What does the lightning bolt mean? 4542
Switching users 2234
Some friends cost more energy to send to the others? 2559
How do I get sets of socks? 2580
Why have some of the socks changed? 2337
When does the tournament week end? 1739
Game is stuck in German translation . 1317
Manage friends button is missing. 1726
How do I allow Odd Socks to access my Facebook account? 5804
Facebook Login button isn't working. 3682
What is energy? 1528
Game not loading - Change DNS lookup 2014
How can I get a refund for a payment? 1110
Problems earning coins on mobile 1294
Completing Open play 1495
Helper 1023
Events 921
Videos not working 546
It keeps asking me to Log in to Facebook 558
Can't see online light 373
Why can't I see non-playing friends? 121