How do I remove all of my personal data from your servers?

Click on Menu, then Account. Then click the Delete Account button. This will delete all of your information from our servers immediately including all your progress. This cannot be undone.

Why can I see friends from other rounds or socks from other rounds?

You can now play with friends and join teams from any round. You need version 6.0.0 or higher of the game, get it from the appropriate store as it becomes available. Socks from other rounds are automatically converted to your round when you take them from a bin or receive them as a gift.

Why are we asking for your email address and/or for you to link your mobile account?

If you login to the game using Facebook, we would like to store your email address (or link to Google Play or Apple) so that you have an alternative way to access your game. If you can’t access your game in future because you can’t get into your Facebook account or if Facebook remove access to Odd Socks, you can play using one of these methods instead.

What does “Google ID (or Apple ID) is already in use” mean?

You probably saw this because you were asked to link your Facebook game to your mobile account. The error means that your mobile account is already linked to another Odd Socks game. If you don’t want the other game you can remove it as follows: click on Menu, then Account, Sign Out of your Facebook account and then Sign in with Google (or Apple). Take a look at the game progress and make sure it a game you no longer want to keep. Go back to Menu, Account and Delete Account. Finally, close the game, run it again and click Menu, Account, Login with Facebook. This time you should be able to link the game successfully.

What about my privacy?

We store and use only the information that we need to allow you to login to your game. This will be one or more of: your email address, Google ID, Apple ID and Facebook ID. If you login with email, then your password is encrypted and even we can’t see it. 

Why can’t I see more videos?

The video adverts are provided by 3rd party advertising companies and they control the availability and number of adverts which may vary from one player to another.

Why won’t the game load in my browser?

Use one of the following browsers: Chrome, Edge, Safari or Firefox. Please make sure your browser is updated. Close any unnecessary tabs, failing that close the browser and start again. If it still isn’t working, try closing some other applications on your computer or even reboot.

Why has my game started again at level 1?

The most likely reason is that you are no longer logged in. Click on Menu and then Account and login with the same service that you previously used (Apple, Google, Facebook or Email).

Can I start again from the beginning?

Yes, see the question above on removing your personal data.